J.R.R. Tolkien Songs

I used to hate writing lyrics.  It was my main excuse for not finishing songs.  Since I stopped working at Microsoft, I have embraced lyric writing.  There seems to be room in my brain for such things now.  I still don't think I am any good  but if I keep doing it maybe I will get better! 

It should be no secret that several of my songs are based on the stories of J.R.R. Tolkien.  I will share details about other songs in the future.  Here I will describe "The Dispossessed".  Tolkien nerds will immediately grasp that this song is about Fëanor. 

Fëanor was an elf in the first age who created the Silmarils - 3 gems that glowed with their own light.  They were stolen by Melkor, who Fëanor then called Morgoth.  Morgoth then killed Finwe, Fëanor's father, and headed to Middle Earth.  Fëanor found many willing to follow him after Morgoth to retrieve the gems, but the "gods" (or Valar) cursed Fëanor and his followers, disallowing their return to Valinor. 

Fëanor made his sons swear an oath that no one be allowed to possess a Silmaril without being attacked.  Lots of bad stuff happened on the journey.  As soon as Fëanor made it to Middle Earth he was killed by Gothmog, one of Morgoth's servant Balrogs.

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