From the recording See Me (Feat. Daphne Adora)


Walking around
In this crowded room
Nobody will notice me
I’m just an ordinary
Face in the crowd
A phantom that floats unseen

I want someone to see me
I want someone to care
I’m just a stranger in your eyes
Are you even aware?

I end up sitting all alone
While everybody else is having fun
Why won’t you notice me?
Am I so hard to see?

I try to speak but no one’s listening
I want to shout but shame is crippling
I’ll just pick up my phone
And pretend I’m alone

I don't want to be
The one who complains
But you've known me since we were ten
Why can't you acknowledge
That I exist
Would your friends shut you out again?

They wouldn’t even see me
It’s like I’m not even there
I’m too dismal to notice
Why would anyone care?

I’m watching you from across the hall
I see you flirt and laugh and have a ball
Why don’t you notice me?
Am I just too ugly?

I sit and stare but you don't even know
And you ignore me when I say hello
So I pick up my phone
Pretend I’m all alone

Won’t somebody see me?
I’m here! And I’m not going away
Please somebody see me
Don’t let me fade into the background