1. Hopeless Dream

From the recording Hopeless Dream


Everybody has desires
I pushed mine aside
A burden thrust upon me
A passion I denied

But then I stumbled into you
And everything has changed
I have to face my destiny
Or watch you fade away

Say you’ll stay with me
Never seek the sea
Faint our hope may seem
We’ll share a hopeless dream

There are times when I am lost
I don’t think I can go on for another day
But then I think about your love
And the fear and doubt starts to fade away

So I faced my calling
I journeyed far and wide
Planting seeds of promise
Grew bolder every stride

For many years I struggled
Thankless and unknown
To know that you stood by me
Helped me come into my own

Say you’ll wait for me
Never seek the sea
Place your faith in me
We’ll share this hopeless dream

I used all my strength and cunning
And it was enough, barely, to make it through
Now our dream is reality
There’s nothing that will stop me getting back to you

So you’ll stay with me
And never seek the sea
Faith is all we need
To live this hopeless dream

Now you stand by me
My life is leaving me
Bitter is the fate
Of our hopeless dream