1. Stay

From the recording Stay

Written, performed and produced by Deron Daum.
Mastered by Rachel Field at Resonant Mastering, Seattle.


When you left me broken
It shook me to the core
I thought I’d never see you
Then you walked through the door

You ran away
And you carried my heart with you
But then you came
To give it back to me

Don’t give it to me now
Just wait till I get closer
Then I think that I can trust you
You say you want me now
Just wait a little longer
Then I’ll be with you
as long as you will stay

I’m starting to believe it
That you are here to stay
So why do you look at me
Like I will run away?

She’s just a friend
She will never come between us
Don't let this end
Over some misunderstanding

Please give it to me now
I can't get any closer
Don’t you know that you can trust me?
It's you that I want now
Don’t hesitate a moment
Though I knew someday
You'd say that you won’t stay

But you said that you would stay
You said that you would stay