Working on Album 2

I thought I would share what I have been up to since releasing "Too Much Music In Me" in February, 2021.  I started writing new music immediately and I have written more than 50 songs.  In 2022 I released three singles and I plan to continue to release singles into 2023.  I will release a new album at some point.  I have several songs that I plan to release on the album ready.  But I want to make sure every song is great, so I won't be releasing until I get to that point.  I don't know if that will happen in 2023 or not.

I do know the album will be called "Password:" and will be a bit of a concept album.  There will be a puzzle built into the songs and artwork for you to figure out.  You will need to determine the Login and Password to get into a special website where prizes will be awarded.  So something to look forward to!

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