What is Reptyle Brainz?

I suppose the better question is "Who is Reptyle Brainz?"  Reptyle Brainz is my alter-ego.  I meant to adopt Reptyle Brainz as a pseudonym where I would release heavier and more visceral music.  But I decided I can release it all under my name.  

The idea for Reptyle Brainz came to me when I was on a hike.  I wanted to create music from the gut, with less analysis and intellectual oversight.  I pictured big, heavy drums and distorted synths.  I would write quickly and just run with whatever hit me emotionally.  As soon as I got home I started writing and the first song was written in about 1 hour.  But it wasn't quite the fulfillment of my vision, so I started another, which became "Reptyle Brainz 2".  This song also took about 1 hour to write, including writing and singing the lyrics.

I have since written five more Reptyle Brainz songs.  Some are pretty good and will be released either as singles or on my next album.

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