The story of Login:

Login: was first written over a year ago, just as I was releasing my first solo album “Too Much Music In Me”.  I was already swimming in rejection emails from blogs and playlists and determined to take my writing to a new level.  Also to refine my sound and not be all over the place.  I was really enjoying the Indie-Pop music coming out and it was really right up my alley. 

Login: came together pretty quickly, based on an acoustic guitar progression I came up with using Strum GS-2, a plug-in by Applied Acoustics.  I wanted to incorporate more falsetto vocals into my music and the chorus was something I had in my head before I sat down to write the song.  I am particularly proud of the clever bass lines and how they progress through the song.  After I wrote the song, I was still not satisfied with the ending.  A few weeks later I had the idea of a full symphony fading in as the song faded away.  I wrote the string parts in about 1 hour, just using Native Kontact strings.  It was perfect! 

The first version of Login: was about something totally different.  What it was about is a secret for my email subscribers.  My wife Shäna, who is also my quality control, said I needed to change the lyrics, so I came up with a different theme that still fit the chorus lyrics - a theme about the addicting nature of social media and the exploitation of big tech companies.  I must have re-sung this song 10 times before Shäna approved they vocal performances!  My daughter, Edara Daum came in to sing on the last chorus.  She has a beautiful voice - she went to nationals for choir in her senior year.  I also asked D Adam Estner to replace the Strum GS-2 acoustic with a real acoustic guitar performance.  He nailed the feel and it took the song to a new level.

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