1. Misleader

From the recording Too Much Music In Me


You fear nothing
I’m scared of everything
You stop at nothing
I tremble at everything

I’m the leader
that no one here will follow
Your the leader that can’t be ignored

When I saved you I knew I would lose to you
Even though it was the decent thing to do
You bring chaos and destruction in your wake
Take your spot now
True leader - misleader

You bring boldness that inspires confidence
Safe in hiding but we gave up our defense
Stick your neck out and we feel the consequence
Take your place now
Our leader, misleader

When you found her
I loved her from the start
I revived her
But you captured her heart

I’m the cripple
That she could always lean on
You’re the beauty and the beast she loved

Go on out and bring destruction to our home
Put her life in danger leave her all alone
Does it ever cross your mind that you could lose
Then who suffers
Deceiver - mislead her

Everyplace you go ends in some tragedy
Friend or foe they will all suffer equally
Where’s your courage when you decide to flee?
No wonder you wander

Living legend, I knew you from the start
I saw your black sword and at once perceived your part
Your coming was the starting of our end
Take your place now
Believe her, you killer