From the recording Too Much Music In Me


Let's kick back and share a needle full of chemicals 
That we're alive is just a series of miracles 
We sleep 'til dinner then we party 'til dawn 
Live in the moment 'til all moments are gone 
The party people need something to aspire to 
I give them juice I give them beats I give them attitude 
Gold and diamonds don't do a thing for me 
I'd rather see ya'll swaying with me singin' 
Everybody wants to get up right close to me 
They break like waves against a tower unyielding 
Now you and me we got it goin' all right 
You're higher than a bonfire spark flyin' 
You know you want it you’re a whore for my potency 
I wear you down and seek another so copiously 
What more could I want to do with my life? 
I'm 21 and I can go it all night singin'