What is Reptyle Brainz?

I suppose the better question is "Who is Reptyle Brainz?"  Reptyle Brainz is my alter-ego.  I meant to adopt Reptyle Brainz as a pseudonym where I would release heavier and more visceral music.  But I decided I can release it…

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The story of Login:

Login: was first written over a year ago, just as I was releasing my first solo album “Too Much Music In Me”.  I was already swimming in rejection emails from blogs and playlists and determined to take my writing to…

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J.R.R. Tolkien Songs

I used to hate writing lyrics.  It was my main excuse for not finishing songs.  Since I stopped working at Microsoft, I have embraced lyric writing.  There seems to be room in my brain for such things now.  I still…

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